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Q: What is Home Care With Love? What kind of services do you provide?
A: Home Care With Love, Inc. is a home health care agency specializing in meeting the needs of the elderly and disabled. Home care” refers to assistance provided to individuals in the privacy of their homes with the goal of fostering a sense of normalcy and independence. Our agency matches clients with certified home health aides (CHHA) who have a wide range of responsibilities. The services we provide include, but are not limited to:

      • Personal Care AssistanceAssistance with bathing, dressing, medications, exercise, etc.
      • Homemaking – Cooking, light cleaning, running errands, etc.
      • Appointment Escort
      • RN Supervision
      • Respite Care
      • Companionship & Emotional Support

Q: Who is a candidate for home care?
A: In contrast to other approaches, health care provided in the privacy of one’s home offers the unique advantage of a greater sense of comfort. Moreover, the choice to have care rendered at home may significantly reduce the level of stress for both the client and his/her loved ones. Home care may be a suitable solution for:
      • Seniors or disabled individuals who need daily living assistance, but prefer to remain in the privacy of their own homes
      • Individuals recently discharged from a hospital or recuperating from an illness or accident who need assistance with personal care and/or household tasks
      • Elderly, chronically ill, or handicapped individuals in need of supervision, emotional support, and/or nursing care
      • Terminally ill individuals in need of palliative nursing care or families of terminally ill individuals in need of assistance and support
      • Families in need of relief with the responsibilities of caring for a physically or developmentally disabled child or adult
      • Respite care to ease the responsibilities of the primary caregiver

Q: Where does Home Care With Love operate?
A: Our agency provides services in the following New Jersey counties:

      • Bergen
      • Mercer
      • Middlesex
      • Monmouth
      • Morris
      • Ocean
      • Passaic
      • Somerset
      • Union
      • Warren

Q: How can I trust your choice of a CHHA?
A: During the hiring process, we perform a rigorous examination of every prospective employee. The procedure for screening a CHHA includes a thorough interview process and a criminal background check. Once a CHHA is hired, a “matchmaking” process matches the aide with the client for whom s/he is best suited. Every CHHA is briefed on the unique needs of the client, but may undergo additional training when necessary.

Q: What if I’m not happy with the services?
A: We do our best to please our clients; however, we also understand that concerns are bound to arise from time to time. We believe that resolutions begin with good relationships and open communication. To that end, we encourage feedback and welcome any questions or complaints. Our administrative staff is available during regular office hours to address any dissatisfaction and explain the complaint process; otherwise, complaints may be directed via email. We care about our clients, so rest assured that we will work attentively and cooperatively to amend any problems.

Q: How do I pay for home care, and is it expensive?
A: We believe that staying informed is key to finding an optimal solution for your health care needs. To access a detailed overview of the specifics of home care, visit “Home Care and Who’s Paying? a special section we've designed to answer important questions about costs and other essentials.

Q: How can I request your services for myself or a loved one?
A: You may request our services by filling out a simple online form. We will promptly process the request and respond either by phone or email, usually within a matter of days. We look forward to hearing from you!

Any additional questions or comments can be directed to or you may fill out the short form in the Contact Us section. Thank you! 


Q: Why should I become a certified home health aide (CHHA)?
A: Few jobs offer the flexibility and convenience that employment as a CHHA provides. As a CHHA, you create your own work schedule based on your unique needs and preferences. With a starting salary of a minimum of $10 per hour, it is the perfect opportunity to earn a supplementary income. Flexible hours also make it possible to juggle employment as a CHHA with other occupations, schooling, or family obligations—an otherwise overwhelming, if not impossible task. In addition to the practical reasons for becoming a CHHA, joining the growing health care industry and helping others can provide a great sense of personal accomplishment.

  • Q: Who can become a CHHA?
    A: Prospective certified home health aides must meet the following requirements:
      • Legal resident of the US
      • Green card, employment authorization, and all other pertinent documents valid and up-to-date
      • No criminal background

  • Q: How can I become a CHHA and how long does it take?
    A: Look no further than our agency to get you on the path to certification. We offer a rotating schedule of training classes conveniently located in our office on select evenings and Saturdays. Professional RNs direct classes and oversee clinical training for a total of 76 hours of lecture and clinic, after which you are ready to apply for certification. You may begin working as a CHHA as soon as your application is approved.

  • Q: Why should I come work for your agency once I’m certified?
    A: As a home health care agency founded on goodwill and cooperation, we understand the importance of keeping our employees happy. Some benefits our agency offers include, but are not limited to:
      • Paid holidays & holiday pay rates
      • Vacation time & bonuses
      • Health insurance benefits
      • Travel expense reimbursement

Any additional questions or comments can be directed to or you may fill out the short form in the Contact Us section of the web site. Thank you!